Highly skilled teachers

Experience, dedication and a proven track record

Colin Marshall

Colin introduces his students to different concepts related to movement, giving them tools to develop their movement practice and expand their technical and creative range of movement possibilities.

David Mckee

David has developed his knowledge from traditional methods of training with a focus on movement, Calisthenics, Kettlebells and whole body strength, allowing people the freedom to explore for more meaningful results.

Lorena Bucci

Lorenas enthusiasm and dedication in her or own training, which includes gymnastics and calisthenics, has given her the experience and the knowledge to pass onto others.

James Wokes

James will get you to optimal fitness with a combination of strength & conditioning techniques delivered in a multiple of ways using only your bodyweight and minimal equipment such as barbells and kettlebells.


Joseph Mercier

Joseph teaches specific techniques and skills from contemporary dance and ballet, developing articulation, coordination and strength in movement.

George Swattridge

George’s training in hand balancing, contemporary dance and yoga influence his playful and exploratory method of teaching.

Taught by hand balancers from across the world, he is eager to share any knowledge that he has picked up along the long journey of handstand training.

Mike Potter

Mike has been involved in Martial Arts since 2000 and is now a British Krav Maga Graduate Instructor.

Welcoming members of all ages and abilities, Mikes take on Krav Maga encourages realism, improved fitness and life-saving skills in a supportive and enjoyable environment.

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