The quality of your movement will eventually carry over into the quality of your life.

At Sudden Movements gym, we understand that true progress isn’t just about getting fit; it’s about becoming more connected with yourself, more attuned to your body, and ultimately living a fuller life. We invite you to step into a world where movement is an art form, strength is a tool for personal growth, and balance extends beyond the physical.

We will help you to bring awareness into your training by delivering a unique combination of strength, movement and hand-balancing group classes. 

Our experienced and dedicated teachers will help you maximise your skill set and develop your movement capabilities with a series of disciplines that include;

Calisthenics | Movement | Gymnastics | Hand-balancing | Martial Arts

Our classes go beyond the physical. We’re here to help you cultivate self-awareness and uncover your true potential. Through our group training sessions, you’ll gain a profound understanding of your body, pinpoint any movement limitations, and acquire a valuable toolkit to conquer them.


Get ready for an exciting fitness journey with Urban Calisthenics!

We’ve taken Urban Calisthenics online, so no matter where you are in the world, you can access our workouts and follow alongs whenever it suits you. 

 Over several weeks, you’ll build powerful and functional strength while mastering “Key Calisthenic Fundamentals”.

Our program includes 4 Optimised Workouts every month, over 100 instructional demonstrations, an essential “How To” and Warm-up series, setting you on a path to tackle advanced movements.

Simplicity and Convenience

Our program is designed for those who want to jump into their workouts without the hassle of tracking every move.

Engaging Calisthenics Workouts
Get ready for weekly, thoughtfully structured calisthenics workouts.

Instructional Demos
High-quality instructional demonstrations guide you through each exercise.

Follow-Along Workouts
Engage in energetic follow-along workouts that keep you motivated.

Warm-Up Series
Access warm-up routines from our series to prepare your body for action.

Fundamental Learning
Master Key Calisthenic Fundamentals that act as a springboard for advanced movements.

Accessible and Affordable
Enjoy all this for just £9.99 per month.

No-Frills, High-Impact Calisthenics
For those who prefer a straightforward fitness experience.

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