Sudden Movements classes have a unique combination of movement and strength disciplines.


Learn to bring awareness into your practice and your life through movement.

You will be introduced to problem solving and improvisational tools that will help to improve your agility and balance efficiency, maximising your movement capability and increasing your capacity for information management.


Primarily working with your own body as resistance, using minimal equipment such as parallettes boxes, bands, rings and pull up bars.

Our intention is to develop your strength whilst adopting awareness, balance and coordination.


Strength for Gymnastics offers a more disciplined approach to developing your expertise for a particular skill. This can range from gymnastic ring work, hand-balancing and leg strengthening applications.

Regardless of your level, the classes are adapted to be inclusive for everyone.


Our Metabolic conditioning workouts are complex high intensity workouts that can include a multiple of training systems such as Kettlebells, Battleropes, Barbells and Bodyweight.

With varied timing protocols, METCON is designed to challenge your strengt and cardiovascular capacity.


Work efficiently with gravity, discovering pathways in and out the floor and playfully exploring the fundamentals of contemporary dance.  

These classes draw on release technique, improvisation, flying low and movement vocabularies like BJJ and pro wrestling. 


Parallettes are used to simulate the parallel bars in gymnastics and can be used to develop great upper body strength through a variety of exercises.

Our bodyweight and Parallette combination will help you to maximise your skill set whilst improving your strength, balance and coordination.


Develop your squats, pulling, pressing and complex lifts.

Lifting weights will invariably lead to strength gains as well as increasing stamina, enhancing your mood and reduce stress levels.


Iyengar yoga emphasizes stability and safety, and facilitates investigation of alignment in poses through diverse methods, including innovative sequencing and/or using props.

The pace of Iyengar yoga classes can range from slow and meticulous to dynamic and challenging.


You will be introduced to different concepts related to movement. Develop your movement practice and expand your technical and creative range of movement possibilities.

Gain confidence in bringing your body close to the floor and improve your general wellbeing through the conditioning of joints, improving ranges of motion and displaying sequential ability.


Improve your flexibility and mobility in all or a single joint.

Reduce the potential of imbalances, thus limiting the risk for injuries.

Attain the full benefits of movement application, taking limbs through their respective full range of motion.


Are looking to achieve your first pull up, muscle-up or Handstand push up?

Calisthenics Club will help you to work towards a specific outcome, improving you session by session.

Become more body aware, increase your strength and maximise your skill set.


Bulletproof Abs focuses on all major ab wall muscle groups – we will teach you how to ‘bulletproof’ yourself and build a solid body armour that is transferable to all of our bodyweight disciplines.


Krav Maga is a military self-defence and fighting system developed for the Israel Defense Forces and Israeli security forces that derived from a combination of techniques sourced from boxing, wrestling, Aikido, judo, and karate, along with realistic fight training.

Krav Maga is known for its focus on real-world situations and its extreme efficiency.