We are excited to bring back the HM30 in 2023!

Over the course of 30-days, we will change the way you think about food and help you discover how certain foods truly impact your health. 

The HM30 will improve the quality of your life just by changing the food you put on your plate. The program is designed to help break unhealthy patterns of behaviour whilst reducing stubborn body fat….YES, you will lose body fat!, you will also improve your sleep quality and notice an increase in your energy levels and mood. 

The HM30 prides itself on eliminating specific food types and additives which can potentially have nasty side effects on your body. This elimination process will help you regain a healthy metabolism and reduce systemic inflammation.

No Calorie counting. No Fasting. No Calorie deficits. Just Real Food.

How do I start?

First, you’ll need to decide on your start and end date of the HM30, which must cover a 30-day period.

We will then provide you with weekly meal plans during the course of the program in advance. This will allow you plenty of time to get your weekly food shop. Recipes and methods will all be included.

We aim to keep both food preparation and cooking times at a maximum of 30-minutes.

How many meals will I be eating per day?

The HM30 is a three meal per day model and we will also provide you with a list of healthy snacks that you can include each day. You will have three options to choose from for Breakfast, lunch and Dinner. If you find the quantities too much, you can eat less. If you are still hungry, you can eat more of the same – we are not depriving you of ‘good calories’.

What if I don’t like the food options?

In case you need to modify the recipes in any way, you will be provided with a full list of guidelines that you must abide by during the course of your 30-day plan. This is known as the ‘Can I Have?’ list.

You can also speak to us directly if you you need more help changing your meals in any way.

What plans are available?

You can decide between two HM30 packages.

HM30 Package 1

     30-Day Meal Plans

     Can I have? Guidelines

     Recipes and methods

     HM30 Guide

HM30 Package 2

     30-Day Meal Plans

     Can I have? Guidelines

     Recipes and methods

     HM30 Guide

     x2 Body Compositions